Restoring the Soul of business

An Interview with Rishad Tobaccowala on Restoring The Soul of Business

An Interview with Rishad Tobaccowala on Restoring The Soul of Business

An Interview with Rishad Tobaccowala on Restoring The Soul of Business 1920 1080 chase

In an important and timely conversation about the future of marketing, Rishad Tobaccowala joins Moe Abdou to explore what it takes for a modern brand to retain its relevance and vitality.

Reimagining The Modern Brand

Among the defining characteristics of the world’s most admired companies is a brand reputation that’s both consistent and trustworthy – and often, that’s the exception not the rule.

What does a brand stand for? What is it about Apple, Nike, LVMH, and Disney that breeds so much loyalty? And, why do these brands look beyond a customer’s endorsement to gauge the real value of their brands? As you pause to contemplate these questions, you will undoubtedly begin to analyze your own brand affinities, and only then will you be able to distinguish what Rishad Tobaccowala calls “The Soul of Business”.

“Every great brand needs investment and caring if it’s going retain it’s relevance and vitality…” Steve Jobs would often say, “.. And the way to do that is not to talk about why we’re better than the rest – it’s not talking about the product – its articulating our values.”

In the global landscape of marketing and advertising, few have had the front row seat that Rishad has had in understanding the changing dynamics of brand management. In his nearly four decades as a senior executive, most recently as Publicis’ Chief Growth officer, his voice has helped shape some of the world’s most iconic brands – and while his viewpoint can be both timely and timeless; they’re likely counter to what you see within the very companies you most admire. His book – Restoring The Soul of Business: Staying Human in the Age of Data puts in perspective the illusion of spreadsheet marketing and highlights why its people, not ‘likes or retweets’ that elevate a brand’s reputation.

Episode Overview:

  • The three timeless elements of a brand.
  • The three timely elements that shape today’s brands.
  • Actualizing the intangible value of your brand.
  • The role your employees play in shaping your brand’s reputation?
  • The myth behind the idea of content being ‘king or queen’?
  • What happens when you remove the words personalization, transformation, disruption, monthly average users, and the name of your company from your story?
  • How do you define the soul of a company?
  • An approach to thinking about reinventing yourself?
  • The differentiating edge that helps companies attract top talent?
  • Think higher – Feel deeper.


This episode was originally published here on 33voices.


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