Business Development Consultant

We’re hiring a sales and business development associate to help accelerate our impact in the MENA Region. We’re accepting applications for the next week with an immediate start date thereafter.

About 33voices

Who We Are

33voices is a learning organization and business accelerator committed to helping high-achieving entrepreneurs, senior executives and their teams achieve individual and organizational excellence.

Our Depth of Experience

For 15 years now, we’ve been an execution partner to startups, emerging enterprises, and established corporations to provide an uncommon perspective to their most nagging challenges and promising opportunities.

Our Team

Our team of highly-skilled business and strategic advisors leverages knowledge gained from 1500+ expert interviews, industry-specific best practices, and their vast experience to develop and implement modern solutions that will both advance and distinguish those with whom we advise.

Who We Work With

We work with businesses of all sizes and offer insights in many aspects of the business ecosystem, including – leadership & management excellence, team & culture design, business model design, talent acquisition, business expansion, and the challenges that disrupt life.

About The Job

We’re excited about several strategic initiatives in the MENA region and are looking for a talented, forward-thinking, and business-minded individual to help us crystallize the issues that entrepreneurs and their startups face in the region, and to identify ways where 33voices can assist.

Bold entrepreneurs who are building the future need access and support – whether it’s achieving product/market fit, building a team or raising capital – we aim to connect them with seasoned executives, investors, engineers, thought leaders, and industry experts who can advance their thinking and accelerate their progress.

About You

We’re looking for someone who aspires for a bigger future, and who is Humble, Hungry and Smart. This means the willingness to think and act from a place of curiosity, to have a tenacity that continually challenges assumptions, and the determination to see things through.

Initially, this will be a remote job – therefore, it’s imperative that this individual is a ‘manager of one’ – meaning he/she has the ability to dream up their own goals and execute them. They don’t need heavy direction. They don’t need daily check-ins. They do what a leader would do — set the tone, assign items, determine what needs to get done, etc. — but they do it by themselves and for themselves.

What You’ll Work On

Identify promising founders and their respective companies.

Identify ways where 33voices can support their growth initiatives.

Help entrepreneurs design innovative business models that scale.

Conduct communication workshop to enhance entrepreneurs and leaders’ storytelling skills.

Developed an ongoing mentorship program to support women’s initiatives.

Confirm the most nagging challenges getting in the way of high-growth companies.

Conduct workshops to help entrepreneurs identify ideas they can actualize into businesses.

Conduct management and leadership workshops to help leaders modernize their approach.

Work with female founders to identify and execute on promising business opportunities.

Facilitate private peer mentoring programs to expand the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

How To Apply

The individuals who best fit our culture are seekers of the extraordinary. If that’s not part of your DNA, please do not apply. Otherwise, please submit the following to be considered for the position:

1. A brief video essay or written essay describing the following:

2. A current CV/Resume highlighting your history and achievements.



Interested in partnering with us?




Interested in partnering with us?


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