An Interview with Margaret Heffernan on The Gifts of Uncertainty

An Interview with Margaret Heffernan on The Gifts of Uncertainty

An Interview with Margaret Heffernan on The Gifts of Uncertainty 1920 1080 chase

Leadership aficionado, Margaret Heffernan joins Moe Abdou to explore ways to think about a future where the unexpected is destined to happen. Her latest book, Uncharted invites us to think differently, explore constantly, and embrace the gifts of uncertainty.

The Predictability Trap

It is often said that we are imperfect human beings seeking a perfect existence – and, despite knowing the impossibility of such a feat – most of us continually find ourselves trapped in that self-created illusion. In life, and in business, the one thing that we can’t debate; particularly in 2020, is the inevitability of change – big, unexpected, and unpredictable change. The COVID-19 pandemic has not only jolted the world into learning how to quickly adapt; more importantly, it has challenged each of us to reimagine our very existence and to take greater ownership of those aspects of our lives for which we have the greatest control.

Throughout her brilliant intellectual and professional career, Margaret Heffernan has done just that. Having served in multiple high-ranking positions in both the public and private sectors, her impact has been far-reaching. She’s an individual who embodies the very essence of leadership excellence and human ingenuity – and as you’ll quickly grasp in her latest book – Uncharted: How To Navigate The Future, it all stems from her unwavering desire to be useful. Working in the interstices of uncertainty is how we forge our identities, and in this episode, Margaret and I will explore the manner in which our thinking has to evolve if we’re serious about designing a more inspired future. Here’s a sampling of what we discuss:

Episode Overview:

  • The difference between thinking and acting upon uncertainty?
  • The aspects of an unknowable future that we can’t control?
  • Do you ever get comfortable with uncertainty?
  • The predictability and data trap?
  • Can you get good at change?
  • A framework to reimagine your next stage of growth?
  • The difference between failure and surrender?
  • The issue of legitimacy – for individuals and organizations?
  • Why risk can be quantified, but uncertainty can not?
  • The one lesson that we’ll never forget as a result of CVOID-19?


This episode was originally published here on 33voices.


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